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Renowned for our food

Headline – Why we are known as the hotel with nurses.

Castle Grove has been described by a regular visitor as “The Dorchester” of care homes.  There is a degree of poignancy in this statement because Ray Kenny began his career there.

Here are two examples of relatives’ comments about our service : –

The party was beautifully organised from the warm welcome to the last cup of coffee.

Thank you for the endless pots of tea and frequent cakes that appeared when I visited mother.

We are particularly responsive to the wishes of our residents:

  • The Head Chef meets the residents regularly to discuss menus.
  • We conduct questionnaires about food (to respond to residents’ wishes, we have introduced a mid-week roast as well as the traditional Sunday lunch).
  • Residents choose the menu on their birthdays.
  • A themed birthday cake is prepared for birthdays.
  • There are regular parties for special occasions when residents invite guests.
  • We celebrate key dates in the calendar such as St. Patrick’s Day.

Castle Grove Food

Any excuse for a party at Castle Grove!  Click here to see one we did earlier.


We buy much of our food locally.  Vegetables are purchased in Bampton.  The fishmonger calls twice weekly (in response to a request for more fish).  John Dawson who works in the garden and teaches angling often brings in freshly-caught trout for the residents to enjoy.

Castle Grove also has its very own vegetable plot and chickens.  Tim the Chef stays late regularly to cook their eggs to order.  Not only that, we produce our own fruit in the form of apples and soft fruit.  The home-made cider and apple juice are very popular.

During the season, we serve pheasant. Residents are able to choose alternatives if they dislike a particular dish.  We also cater for special diets including diabetic, coeliac and vegetarian.


Top! Castle Grove, Bampton, Devon EX16 9NS. Tel (01398) 331317. Email info@castle-grove.co.uk
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